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Zip-On SealSavers Installation: 
Remove fork guards, determine what end of SealSavers is wider, as that end will go over the larger tube. If the logos are on the inside nearest the tire they are on the wrong fork. When zipped up the zipper pull should end on the larger tube. Zip on SealSavers on smaller fork tube, making VERY sure the inside flap is under the zipper the entire length of the zipper. Then slide the zipped up SealSavers up to the larger tube and peel over onto larger tube. Hint, if you turn the SealSavers inside out about 1 inch it makes it easier to pull over onto the larger tube. Then enclose zipper ensuring that the upper and lower flaps are onto the zipper and close Velcro. Zip tie to the larger tube and trim the excess zip tie, then position zipper towards the rear of the bike. Reinstall fork guards.
If there are fork guard “Guides” they may be discarded. For Showa and other forks that have a “cer clip” that is clipped around the fork right at where the seal is housed, for fork protection from the fork guard, that “cer clip” should be removed and discarded or saved for future reinstall.

Original SealSavers Installation: 
Remove the forks from the triple clamps and slide SealSavers down from the top and zip tie to the larger leg. If there are fork guard 'guides' no zip tie is needed. Use caution when starting to thread the bolt for the guides, as to no strip the leading edge threads. A longer bolt is sometimes required and will make starting to thread easier.



Prior to washing, flip material on smaller tube inside out approximately one inch and wash out what dirt is on the inside. Flip back down and wash exterior. Harsh cleaning chemicals can shorten the life expectancy of the SealSavers, soap and water is recommended.