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CV Savers

CV Savers

$39.95 — $109.95

CV Savers are another innovative design that also features quick and easy installation over your existing CV joint boot. The CV Savers act as an additional boot for dual protection, or can be used as an emergency back up, and can be easily stored in your tool bag.
They come with zip ­ties to aid in installation.

CV Savers are available in three sizes that fits most Side by Side Cars, Cars and Trucks. They are only available in black and come as a set of two or a set of four.

The ProSeries line features the same design and fit but are now made out of our NEW FlexPower material which is more durable than the original CV Savers. The ProSeries also features our NEW Zip-Tie pouch to make installation easier and more effective.

SXS large opening range is 2.5 to 4 inches.
(930 Also Fits certain CAN AM Maverick & Textron XX axels)
930 large opening is 4 inches.
934 large opening is 5 inches.