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Zip-On SealSavers MTB

Zip-On SealSavers MTB


One size fits all

Fork Tube Diameter Available Colors
1 1/4 inch (27 – 42mm fork tube) black

SealSavers Zip-On’s is a revolutionary design that allows for quick and easy installation and cleaning without having to remove your forks from the triple clamps. A unique dual-flap zipper protection system is utilized to protect your forks from the nylon zipper. When installed and the protection flaps are sealed, Zip-On’s look almost identical to our original SealSavers. Our unique design wraps around the forks and has a cut out for the support cross bar and held in place with a wrap around velcro strap.


  • The SealSavers protect the seals from dust, dirt and mud.
  • SealSavers are durable and washable and will not effect your fork damping or preload.
  • Simply zip SealSavers on the fork tube and cover the seals.
  • Sold in pairs.