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SealSavers in Action!


SealSavers in Action!

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Zip On Available Now!

 The creativity behind SealSavers have developed… 

The creativity behind SealSavers has developed a new and easy way to help keep your fork seals fresh and working like new. SealSavers Zip-On is a brand new product for 2013. The revolutionary design allows for quick and easy installation and cleaning without having to remove your forks from the triple clamps. A unique dual-flap zipper protection system is utilized to protect your forks from the nylon zipper.

SealSavers that Zip-On! An idea thats so simple we should have thought of it long ago… actually we did, but it had to pass through our exhaustive research and development process first. This innovative new product has now been added to the SealSavers line. Zip-Ons can be installed in a matter of minutes and do not require removing your forks from the triple clamps. In addition, easy removal makes clean-up an easy task. To protect your forks from the nylon zipper we utilized a dual zipper protection flap design. When installed and the protection flaps are sealed, Zip-Ons look almost identical to our original SealSavers.

SealSavers Zip-On’s are available in three sizes: 1 1/4” (for most 50-65cc bikes), 1 1/2” (for most 80cc bikes), and 1 3/4” (for most 125-500+cc bikes). Color options are black, blue, red and gold. For more information please click here.

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